“This concept of a wave’s relationship to the ocean is an ancient analogy dating back at least 5000 years. This concept is taught in many ancient cultures and languages, explaining what physics now calls, “The Unified Field.”

I wrote “Little Wave” in answer to my young children’s questions:

“Why are people different colors?”
”Are we the same colors inside?”
The purpose of this book is to teach children of all ages, kindness, compassion, and to protect their character and their hearts from the darkness of judging others and of prejudice. Our human family will have happier, more loving lives not separating themselves from others with “them or us” thinking. Strength of character and kindness, the “Golden Rule,” is the foundation of “Bully Prevention.” Two powerful words can remind us of who we are… “Our Father.”

As our children played, my dear friend Barbra Miller, an art teacher and a Disneyland artist, illustrated and the characters came to life.

“Once upon a time”… “Little Wave” forgot that he was a part of nature and the laws of nature all around him. He forgot that he was a part of the Whole. He began to feel separate, lonely, and small.

This story is about “Little Wave’s” journey of discovery, and remembering that he is part of the Whole ocean… and that the ocean is a part of him. With his friends “Silver Seagull” and “Wise Old Whale,” he remembers that he was never alone, he remembers that he is a beautiful individual expression of the unbounded ocean, the “Unified Field”… as we all are.