The World is My Family CD teaches the “Golden Rule,” treating others the way we want to be treated, and to notice and appreciate nature. Recognizing the laws of nature all around us gives a child something positive – a constant, to observe and to focus on in their daily lives: birds flying in a row, the perfect orderliness in a snowflake or a flower, the dependability of the sunrise and sunset, the moon and the order in the universe, gravity, etc.

Children of the world, you are our greatest natural resource. You are the future. May we value you, cherish you, protect and nourish you, and give you our best. May we not be afraid to allow you to spontaneously teach us about life and about love, in your innocent, simple, profound reality. May we learn to let go of pretense and boundaries, and be as real and as loving as you are.

-Sophia Mata

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